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This blog is intended for the information of staff of (the fictious) Bookville Community Public Library, Storey City, New Zealand.  Bookville Library is one of five libraries within Storey City Libraries operated under the umbrella of Storey City Council and work together as a consortium of libraries to deliver public library services to their communities.

The population of Storey city is 142,754 people with a mean age of 36 years old, 12% of the population are over 65 years old and 21% are under 15 years old. The city has an ethnically diverse population with a large Maori population with 23% of the population identifying as Maori.  Storey city has an unemployment rate in line with the New Zealand unemployment rate of 7.2%.  22% of the population are 1 parent families and a further 40% are 2 parent familes with children.  The median income for those over 15 years of age is $28,000 (38.4% earn less than $20, 000  25.2% earn over $50,000).  There are 55 schools in the city and 2 tertiary institutions. 74% of the population have access to the internet and 80% own a mobile phone.

In 2014 60% of Storey city residents held a library membership and 89% were satisfied with the service they received. Bookville Community Public Library is the largest of the five libraries. The Storey city libraries offer a floating collection of 360,000 lending items and they have yearly issues of 1.6 million items.  The ebook collection currently accounts for 3% of issues, however this figure has been increasing recently.

Storey city operates an RFID system and currently has self service check out machines.  The libraries have a website and online catalogue which is visited by 79% of customers.  The five libraries all offer public computers and free wifi and while use of the public computers is declining (to 204,000 sessions in 2014), the use of wifi has more than doubled in 2014 to 108,000 sessions.

As a Librarian at Bookville Community Library I am currently on a working group to investigate new technologies relevant to the information management sector.  This process is being undertaken to identify new technology for inclusion in the Technology Plan (3 year) of our upcoming 2016 – 2019 Strategic Plan.

This blog is intended to give an overview of some significant technologies, identified during an environmental scan, which would be a ‘good fit’ with our library and provide enhanced services to our staff and community.  Feedback and comment from library staff is encouraged as we work towards the implementation of the Storey District Libraries Technology Plan.

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